Kaikki emolevyt ovat 120 päivän takuu.

Termi korvaamisesta:

1. Varmista ettet repiä takuun etiketti.
2. Vahvista toimitusosoite meille ennen Shipping takaisin emolevyn.
3. If the motherboard is defective, please return it to us and don’t try to repair it yourself.

Paluu hyväksyminen:
If there is no artificial damage, We generally accept return within 60 days since you place your order.
Sinun täytyy antaa meille seurantanumeron kun palauttaa tuotteen. ja otettava yhteyttä meihin palautetut osoite.

1.We testata emolevyn täysin ennen lähetystä, ja olemme ottaneet kuvan todiste siitä. Sillä ehdolla, että meidän emolevy on funtional ja haluat edelleen palata, emme palauta toimituskulut ja veloitamme 15% istutuksia maksu.

2. If buyers are sure our motherboard is defective, when we receive it, we will test again, and we will issue you fully refund within 1 week .

3. If the the buyer bought the wrong product by mistake and wants to return for refund, we will not return the shipping cost and we will charge a 15% restocking fee.

4. DOA (Dead On Arrival) and Deviations products must be reported within 5 days from delivered date. Returned items must not have any signs of abuse or intentional damage.

5. Our warranty does not extend to any products which are physically damaged or destroyed because of misuse or improper installation on the buyer/user’s part. Such as: Severely bent CPU socket pins by misuse or improper installation, burnt chips and watered motherboards.

We accept cancellation within 12 hours for free.

As we will normally proceed your order after 12 hours, so if you wish to cancel your order after 12 hours, we will charge 10% restocking fee.

Toimitusmaksu palautettaessa kohdetta
Asiakas tarvitse maksaa toimitusmaksu palauttamisesta.

Vahingoittuneita tavaroita
If you received the goods in damaged condition, please send us the picture to prove it within 3 days. We will replace the item for you for free.

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